Black & White Halloween Decor

Who says Halloween decorations have to be orange? Part 2: Black & White pumpkin accessories

White pumpkins are an elegant twist on traditional Halloween decorations. The featured picks below are both functional and chic.


1) Martha Stewart Collection Dinnerware, Pumpkin Soup Tureens

Carve out a space on the harvest table for Pumpkin soup tureens. Decidedly elegant and wonderfully durable, Martha Stewart Collection’s radiant white porcelain carries hot meals straight from the oven to table.

On sale now $7.99-$16.99 – VIEW

Pottery Barn

2) Pottery Barn White Pumpkin Candles

Our white pumpkins bring a fresh look to Halloween decorating.

$8.00 – $29.00 – VIEW

Crate and Barrel

3) Crate and Barrel Small Gourd Candle

Market-fresh fall candlelight lights up the home with decorative seasonal appeal. Part of Gourd Candle collection.

$2.95 – VIEW

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