DIY Window Screen Earring Holder

Window Screen Earring Holder

Window Screen Earring Holder

Keep earrings organized and create a work of art. A window screen earring holder is the perfect accent for a wall or dresser. Keeping the jewlery box clean is another added bonus. Makes a great gift!


•    Picture frame

•    Window screen

•    Measuring tape/Ruler

•    Scissors/Wire cutters

•    Stapler

*Supplies can be found at your Chicagoland Home Depot, Michaels Craft Store, or Hobby Lobby

1. Choose a wooden picture frame in the size and style you desire. Take off cardboard and glass from backing.

2. Measure the length and width of the picture frame from it’s ends (Not the window opening).

3. Cut the piece of window screen ¼-inch larger on all sides than the frame measurements (You will need extra on all sides).

4. Use scissors or wire cutters to cut the screen depending on material.

5. Turn the picture frame face down and stretch the window screen tightly over the back of the frame.

6. Staple the screen to the bottom edges of the picture frame leaving the extra ¼-inch to hang over.

7. Staple each side in place, pulling the screen as tight as possible.

8. Fold the extra screen and corners over and staple into the wood. This will create a double layer around the edges.

9. Place a picture hanging loop at the top frame where desired. Use the hardware included with the hooks to fasten the loop to the frame. Earring holder can also be stood up on dresser with an added backing.

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