Tree Branch Necklace Holder

Tree Branch Necklace Holder

Tree Branch Necklace Holder-

Solve the dilemma of tangled necklaces, broken jewelry, and disorganization. Create a chic item that will not only keep your necklaces in order, but will look great too.


  • Real or craft store tree branch
  • Scissor or saw
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Wooden block (for base)
  • Knife
  • Paint
  • Wood stain
  • Paint brushes
  • Sandpaper

*Supplies can be found at your Chicagoland Home Depot, Michaels Craft Store, or Hobby Lobby

1) Pick your branch: Find a branch about three inches wide with multiple twigs. Make sure the twigs are spread far apart to allow the necklaces to hang.  If you can’t find a brach you like in nature, check your Chicagoland craft store for a plastic tree brach.

2) Prep your branch: If you went the natural route, set the branch on paper to let it dry. Once the branch is dry, lightly sand it down with sandpaper. This will remove dirt and make a smooth surface for painting/staining. Leave more bark or grain depending on the look you desire.

3) Paint your branch: Choose your desired stain or paint. Acrylic paint can be chosen in any color. Using a clear varnish will give the wood a more natural look. Go natural or spice it up and have fun with the color.

4) Wood base: Purchase a wooden base you like about 3 inches thick. Paint or stain the base if you choose. Let the base dry 12 hours before continuing.

5) Secure: Place the tree branch in the center of the base. Hold a screw at the bottom of the branch and screw it in to the base using long screws. Make sure the screws reach the base. Depending on the size, 3-5 screws may be needed.


Not feeling crafty? A tree branch necklace holder (Pictured) from Urban Outfitters ($32) makes a great option.

-This article is part 2 of the DIY Home Gift Series. Part 1: Window Screen Earring Holder

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