Snow day- redbox wintervention

With temperatures plummeting and record snow coming to town, I think we smell a “sick” day coming on. Head to the store and stock up on the essentials; water, food, cookies (What? Cookies aren’t essential?) and your favorite movies from redbox.



Current redbox titles available in Chicago include:

  • Despicable Me: Warm up with this instant family classic, perfect to watch with your little snow bunnies
  • Mean Girls 2: The hilarious sequel to the 2004 cult classic
  • Machete: This action packed Robert Rodriguez film boasts an A-list cast including Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez
  • The A-Team: Cuddle up with hotties Bradley Cooper and Jessica Biel, guaranteed to heat up even the coldest nights
  • Dinner for Schmucks: The hilarious antics of Steve Carell, Zach Galifianakis and Paul Rudd will help you beat the winter blues
  • The Social Network: Cold weather weekends are a great time to catch Oscar-worthy performances. Don’t just play on Poor Girl’s Facebook this weekend, learn about its history
  • Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps:  This sequel to the original Michael Douglas hit has fans everywhere going crazy.  Enjoy some hot cocoa and watch as things heat up between Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan
  • The Karate Kid: Ralph Macchio will be the man who fights for your honor against old man winter in this 80’s throwback

Your local kiosk can be found on the redbox interactive locator.

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–Enjoy your snow (I mean, sick) day!

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