The Flannel

Fall Fabulous! Fall 2011 Trends For Less

As always in fashion, what’s old is new. This season, the 70s throwback seems to be a major player. From flares to colored tights, channel your inner hippie (for less) with the suggestions below.

1969 mid-weight buckle trouser jeans

Gap Buckle Trouser Jeans


The return of the flare! Hope you didn’t ditch all of your flare legged jeans when those skinnies came to town?

This Fall flare legged jeans are back with a vengeance.

Check out this pair from Gap:

1969 mid-weight buckle trouser jeans

(Reg.$79) Now on sale for $59.95 – View >>>

H&M Tights

H&M Tights

Colored Tights:

Give neutrals a jolt of color this Fall with colored leggings or tights.

H&M has a great selection of colors for only $5.95 (for a 2-pack!)

H&M Tights/Leggings

$5.95 – View >>

The Flannel

The Flannel

The Flannel

Move over Paul Bunyan, these aren’t your lumber jack flannels! Comfort meets fashionable with this low-key look.

Forever 21 Large Gingam Flannel 

$19.90 – View >>

Pleated Dress

Pleated Dress

The Pleated Dress: 

Let there be pleats! Pleats are all the rage this Fall in dresses and skirts. Mix and match with a basic top or go head-to-toe pleats like this dress from Forever 21.

Forever 21 Layered Pleats Dress

$19.80 – View >>

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