Halloween Headquarters At HomeGoods Michigan Avenue

With Halloween right around the corner, time’s running out to get your decoration on. HomeGoods on Michigan Avenue has a wide variety of Halloween decor to make your perfect haunted house. With low prices and aisles of seasonal gems to choose from, you’re sure to find something to fit your style and budget.

Check out these trends spotted at HomeGoods on Michigan Avenue:

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1) Let there be glitter — Glitter is the word to describe Halloween decor this season. From glittered pumpkins, garland, haunted houses, ghouls and goblins – HomeGoods has plenty of sparkly items to meet your glitter quota until Christmas.

2) Painted pumpkins — Carving is out, painting is in! We can’t all be Martha Stewart and hand painting pumpkins isn’t always an option when you need decorations on the fly. Painted pumpkins can be expensive and sometimes hard to find. At HomeGoods, I found numerous painted pumpkins in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

3) Purple is the new orange — This Halloween, purple is making a major appearance. If you’re tired of the traditional orange and black Halloween decorations, purple is a trendy alternative. HomeGoods has quite a few purple pumpkins, pillows and haunted houses in this non-traditional Halloween hue.

HomeGoods Michigan Avenue is located at 600 N. Michigan Avenue / Chicago, IL 60611.

For more Halloween decorating tips, visit homegoods.com 


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