Help For Small Spaces! DIY Tips from HauteLook And Designer Kyle Schuneman: Make-Over 2

Urban areas, are some of the most challenging places to personalize a space given that most apartments are rentals and space is tight. That’s why HauteLook teamed with Interior Designer Kyle Schuneman the expert in decorating small spaces, and made over the living spaces of three typical HauteLook shoppers.

Kyle’s first book is coming out this summer: “The First Apartment Book: Cool Design for Small Spaces,”  and used several tips from his book in the makeovers keeping blending the tastes from each apartment dweller.  (Check out make-over 1: Coastal Chic)


(Before Photos)
KYLE’S TIPS: EMMA – Vintage Modern – Original Retail $4k Hautelook Price under $2k

Emma’s lives in a 4th floor walk-up!  Here apartment is unique because it’s a one-bedroom, but the living and kitchen/dining areas are separated.

Since we didn’t have to create multi-purpose spaces within this room, we were able to be a little more daring with the space.


  • With such a tiny space like the entryway way go BOLD.
  • Treat it like a jewel box and paint a big splashy pattern for total impact.
  • This chevron design looks so rich but it actually pretty easy to DIY. It’s one of the projects I have in my book, and we’ll give you a takeaway showing you how to do it.
  • Another way we went bold was with the living room color. If you want to use a bold color on the wall like we did here, keep the furnishings and accessories in a modern black and white palette to keep the room feeling sophisticated.
  • If you’re trying to tie two rooms together, as we did with this entryway and the living space, echo elements in both. Here we used the chevron wall pattern of the entry way and repeated it on the roman shades of the living room.


  • Buy furniture that feels light and airy like this coffee table and side tables and sofa.  In a small space it’s great to see through elements to make your mind think the space is bigger than it is.


  • In a boxy room like this, I’d suggest using unusual shaped artwork.
  • The mirrors and circular art keep your eye moving and the walls interesting.
  • One last tip that’s great for small spaces- hang your curtains as high as possible to accentuate the height– it will make the whole place feel bigger.

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A few hero products from the makeover:

Lucite Nesting Tables

Retail: $675

HauteLook: $299


NuLoom Rug

Retail $ 500 $199

Mid Century Accent Chair

Retail $525 $149


About launched their home business in 2009 and it’s now one of their fastest growing categories.  Since the majority of people still think of the brand as just a destination for fashion, accessories and beauty they decided it was time to physically showcase the vast array of home goods available on the site every day.  Being a California-based brand, people tend to think the site completely different design sensibilities than East Coasters. But in reality, their offerings transcend locations.

In terms of merchandise, when the Home category launched in 2009, HauteLook had 77 brand partners.  Today HauteLook has partnered with well over 500 emerging and established brands with an increased interest in rugs, bedding and indoor and outdoor furniture.  Some of the  brands offer are usually only available via interior designer – those brands include Moe’s and IMAX – both used for the NYC Makeovers.

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