Divas N’ Design Dreamy Bedroom Contest 8.31-9.28

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One deserving winner will have a bedroom of their dreams designed just for them!
CHICAGO, IL (August 31-September 28, 2012) – After their amazingly successful “M.O.M Cave” contest, in which a $20,000 customized space was awarded to a lucky suburban mom, Chicago based Divas N’ Design are at it again! Their newly announced “Dreamy Bedroom Contest” will create an oasis for this most used, and often most neglected, room in the home: THE BEDROOM!
According to Interior Designer Karyn Musick, founder of Divas N’ Design, people spend about one third of their lives asleep, and can spend up to 10 hours a day in their bedroom. However, the bedroom is often last to be updated, as people usually work to beautify more public areas of their homes. This important room cannot be neglected, and Divas N’ Design are ready to transform a lackluster bedroom from drab to fab!
“People usually redo their bedrooms only for significant age milestones as a baby, a young child, a teenager or as a newlywed or adult. Once these design phases are complete, bedrooms are usually not often updated,” says Musick.  “In the early 21st Century the bedroom became a more social environment and people now spend a large majority of their day there. Everyone deserves their bedroom to be beautiful and relaxing.”
Divas N’ Design is ready to step in and help this lucky winner out of their decorating rut! Whether a romantic couple’s retreat, a fun teenage hangout, or a single’s sanctuary, this creative team has plenty of ideas to change a boring bedroom into a stunning room that will relax and inspire.  The winner of the Dreamy Bedroom Contest is guaranteed a makeover valued at over $6,500 that covers every one of their design wishes.
To be considered as the recipient of the Dreamy Bedroom Contest, any interested person can visit www.divasndesign.com for more information on how to enter. They will be asked to upload a picture of their current bland bedroom, and briefly explain why they desperately need this amazing makeover! One lucky person will be chosen from the online applicants to win their very own updated bedroom.  It’s that simple.
Musick’s motivation for hosting this contest is to get people to realize the value of home design and the ambiance it can create. “We oftentimes get so caught up in the busyness of our lives that we forget to give ourselves feel good items and updates that can do wonders for our wellbeing,” says Musick. “Working with a designer allows one to express their vision and watch it unfold before their eyes, without having to do the work!”
Stacie Shanks, the winner of the M.O.M Cave makeover loved the work the Divas did in her home: “They did a fantastic job, and their concepts completely aligned with my ideas. I love relaxing with a book on my new couch and my favorite touch is the chic chandelier in my dining room. They’ve inspired me to redo other areas of my home, and make my house a home.” The Divas N’ Design team will give this same special treatment to the fortunate winner of the Dreamy Bedroom Contest!
Divas N’ Design has been creating spaces for clients throughout Chicago and its suburbs for over 20 years.  The full service interior design firm focuses on all aspects of the design process to insure a cohesive element that is inspired by sophistication and style. Their design team takes a “hands on” role when working on projects to assure that all runs smoothly and within a timely schedule. Whether designing a home in the suburbs of Chicago or a condominium surrounded by the breathtaking skyline downtown, they are passionate that the outcome should be nothing short of outstanding! For more information please visit www.DivasNDesign.com.

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