Creative Holiday Gift Basket Ideas

World Market

World Market

This holiday season, give a gift with a personal touch. A gift basket can come in any size or budget. Fill it with anything from candy to jewelry and the effect will be the same — a gift that’s personal and homemade especially for them. Start with choosing a theme based on their interests or favorite things. Next, choose a container, pick your fillings and enjoy gifting success. Read more of my article at

Choose A Theme
Here are a few theme ideas to get your creativity flowing!

  • Movie Lover Basket
  • Baker
  • Home Chef
  • Candy Lover
  • Spa Treatments
  • Sports Fan
  • Pet Lover
  • Game/Puzzle Fanatic
  • Hostess/Entertainer
  • Wine/Beer Enthusiast
  • Jewelry Fashionista
  • Child/Baby

Choose A Container
The container can set the tone of the gift basket. After you’ve selected your theme, think outside the basket. A unique container like a vase for a floral lover, popcorn bowl for the movie fan, apothecary jar for the candy fanatic, pet bowl for Fido or a cake dome for a baker can showcase your gifts and make the container a gift in itself.
Container Ideas:

  • Traditional Basket
  • Kitchen/Serving Bowl or Colander
  • Popcorn Bowl
  • Storage Container Or Box
  • Apothecary Jar
  • Large Vase
  • Jewelry Box or Tray
  • Cake Dome
  • Pet Bowl/Pet Bed
  • Ice Bucket/Party Tub
  • Vintage Milk Crate

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One thought on “Creative Holiday Gift Basket Ideas

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