Royal Nursery Inspiration For A Prince Or Princess

With Prince William and Duchess Kate’s royal baby due in less than two months, HomeGoods has created a list of adorable and affordable nursery accessories perfect for any prince or princess.

Bank on it!

These royal carriage and prince elephant banks would not only be a fun touch to any nursery, they also make unique baby gifts.

$7.99 (compare at $15)

Your Royal Lightness

A lamp is a necessity for any nursery, so why not chose one that adds a fun and whimsy touch to the room?  Whether it be purple pom-poms or a ball from England’s favorite sport…Football!

$29.99 (compare at $50)

A Pink Throne

This soft pink polka-dot upholstered rocking chair will add a glamorous touch to any princess’ nursery.

$49.99 compare at ($100)

HRH Pillow

These plush pillows will complement any sleeping beauty.

$14.99 compare at ($28)

Like father, like son

If helicopter pilot Prince William has a son, he can fall asleep dreaming of faraway adventures with this playful pillow.

$12.99 (compare at $25)

Horsing Around

We all know the Royal family loves their horses, this out-of-this-world rocking horse would be a sure fire hit in any palace or home.

$49.99 (compare at $100)

A Step Up!

These adorable wooden stools will not only help with a toddler’s curtsy or bowing skills, they are perfect for reaching those hard to get to places.

$24.99 (compare at $45)

Fashion Forward Storage
Storage is a must for any nursery, whether it’s for toys or crowns. Why not add a little pizzazz with these chevron patterned fabric baskets in pink and blue?

$12.99 (compare at $24)

Picture Perfect

Even if your baby’s grandmother is not the queen and their uncle is not a prince, family pictures in fun colorful frames are an important addition to a baby nursery.

$8.99 (compare at $18)

3 thoughts on “Royal Nursery Inspiration For A Prince Or Princess

  1. Alonzo Little says:

    As Kate Middleton ‘s July due date fast approaches, the parents-to-be will be putting the finishing touches on their new arrival’s nursery. Using knowledge of William and Kate ‘s London apartment in Kensington Palace and archive images of former royal nurseries, design experts RedBook agency have created two possible nursery designs for the newborn royal. Two of the UK’s leading interior designers were commissioned to create one traditional nursery and one with a modern magical flair to offer a glimpse of how the royal nursery might look.

  2. Zachery Ortega says:

    We’ve been looking forward to hearing or seeing what Prince William and Kate have in store for their new addition’s nursery but so far, nothing has been revealed! We thought it might be fun to put together some design ideas for the royal baby’s sure-to-be luxurious abode. We pulled some of our most fabulous pieces for a nursery fit for a princess or prince!

  3. Natasha Roth says:

    The nursery is the baby’s room as well as a retreat for mum, it is the room you’ll remember each time you recollect those first years of childhood. The royal nursery will be designed for style and ambience, as well as for functionality- with safety being the bedrock of the design. Designing the royal nursery has the luxury of turning out exactly how the new parents imagined, even better.

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