Da Smoke Daddy Super Bowl Party

Da Smoke Daddy

Da Smoke Daddy

The Smoke Daddy is inviting you to embrace your inner Bill Swerski this Super Bowl Sunday! On February 2nd from 3 pm until the final buzzer, everybody who attends Da Superfans Super Bowl Party at The Smoke Daddy will receive a complimentary mustache and set of sunglasses – so they can enjoy the championship bout in classic Superfan style. Although the Beloved Bears aren’t playing in this year’s big game, The Smoke Daddy considers this a warm-up for next year, when of course Da Bears will be crowned Super Bowl champs on their way to a 10-peat. The best part about this year; Superfans can still pay homage to Da Coach, as Ditka will be commentating before and after the game on Smoke Daddy’s dozen or so big screen TVs.

Attendees of Da Superfans Super Bowl Party can fuel their super-sized hunger at the lavish meat buffet. For only $10, Superfans can chow down on Paulina Meat Market smoked sausages, smoked pulled pork sliders, and build-your-own nachos – naturally with lots of meat toppings (think home-style chili, smoked sliced brisket, etc). No heart-attacks here! *The Smoke Daddy’s full menu will also be available.

The event will culminate with a “Best Superfan” costume contest. He or she who dresses the part in all its Swerski glory will receive a $50 gift card to Paulina Meat Market, where they can stock up on Chicago’s best sausages. As always at The Smoke Daddy, there’s no cover charge for this event.

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