Chicago Craft Beer Week At Franklin Tap 5.16

Franklin Tap

Franklin Tap

Franklin Tap
325 South Franklin St.​
Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 212-3262

Chi-PA Day at Franklin Tap

Friday, May 16
11 a.m.-midnight

Hop to it! Franklin Tap will hold a”Chi-PA” beer feature on Friday, May 16. Guests can kickoff Chicago Craft Beer Week (May 15-25) by enjoying locally made IPA and Pale Ale brews from 11 a.m.-midnight. The Loop-located tavern will feature five draughts, four bottled and four canned IPAs from Finch’s, Half Acre, Revolution, Pipeworks, Two Brothers, Goose Island, Une Année and Ale Syndicate breweries (beers outlined below).

Franklin Tap’s full dining menu (bar snacks, soup, salad, wraps, burgers, and sandwiches) will be available in addition to over 75 other brews. Franklin Tap’s Friday special includes $5 Pale Frank draughts (custom brewed by Two Brothers).

Franklin Tap Chi-PA Day:

Ale Syndicate Municipal IPA $6 16oz 5.7%
Goose Island The Illinois Imperial IPA $9 12oz 9%
Revolution Crystal Hero IPA $6 12oz 7.2%
Revolution Galaxy Hero IPA $6 12oz 6.6%
Une Année Maya Belgian IPA $6 12oz 7.6%

Pipeworks Attack of the Devil Lettuce Imperial IPA $24 22oz TBD%
Pipeworks Citra Imperial IPA $24 22oz 9.5%
Pipeworks Ninja vs Unicorn Double IPA $22 22oz 8.5%
Two Brothers Sidekick Extra Pale Ale $5 12oz 5.1%

Finch’s Threadless IPA $6 16oz 6%
Half Acre Daisy Cutter Pale Ale $6 16oz 5.2%
Half Acre Heyoka IPA $6 16oz 7%
Revolution Anti-Hero IPA $6 12oz 6.5%

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