312 Chicago Cooking Classes

312 Chicago

312 Chicago

Class is back in session! Well cooking class that is. Executive Chef Luca Corazzina will be teaching “Scoula 312” at 312 Chicago on the first or second Saturday of every month, August through December. Guests will have the opportunity to learn authentic Italian recipes from Chef Luca, a Padova native, who grew up learning to cook by his mother’s side. A variety of techniques and recipes will be taught, including:

  • The Art of Grilling – August 9that 12pm
  • The Art of Fish – September 6that 12pm
  • The Art of Risotto – October 11that 12pm
  • The Art of Meat – November 8that 12pm
  • The Art of Holiday Recipes – December 6 at 12pm


Classes are $45/person and include recipe cards, a bottle of 312 Aged Balsamic and light bites. For more information visit www.312chicago.com or directly purchase tickets here: http://scuola312.eventbrite.com.

312 Chicago Cooking Classes

312 Chicago Cooking Classes

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