A Love, Hate, Love Relationship Tale Featuring Forever 21

Fall 2014 Forever 21

Fall 2014 Forever 21

Alright, I’m not the most excited to admit this, but I shop at Forever 21. A lot. However, most people don’t realize it. A store like this isn’t my first pick to walk into, however when a gal is on a budget and has a shopping addiction, choices must be made. Although at some point I hope to be able to shop at Barney’s and Kate Spade on a daily basis, I think now I have cheaper points of life down.

That’s right ladies and even gentlemen, it is possible to purchase something that is worthwhile at Forever 21. I’m not saying it’s like a walk down the aisle at Bloomingdale’s, however with a few things kept in mind you can make the trip into the store worthwhile. Here’s what helps me:

1. Go for the basics

I live in their $2.80 tanks. And their knit pencil skirts are perfect to throw on before work and are comfortable. Basics here are perfect because you wear them out quicker compared to your other clothes.

  1. Try it onThis one I hate to do, but it’s true. Most of the brands Forever 21 buys from are fitted from a designer or their assistants – not a stand fit model. Plus with cheaper manufacturing you never know how it will look until you put it on.3. One stop trend shop

    Dying for that trendy crop top that you know you probably won’t wear next year? If you feel like trying a trend however you don’t know how long it will last, don’t bother with a higher priced store. Forever 21 is great on offering pieces for every trend and style. It hard not to find that latest style you’ve been wondering about.

    4. Think of the personal value

    If it’s the leather jacket you’ve wanted since your teens, Forever 21 probably isn’t the place to buy it. However if you don’t plan on keeping it forever then what’s the point of spending a lot on it?

    5. Don’t get attached

    Speaking of not keeping it for the rest of your life, never forget where you purchase those jeans for $9.95 or that handbag for $34.95. To shop here you have to accept the inevitable – something with break, something will tear, something will easily get ruined. Once you accept the fact you get what you paid for you will not only be a little less angry for buying that jean shirt, but you will also think twice before you purchase those printed leggings.

    6. Make outfits before a purchase

    To avoid wasting your money, try to come up with at least a few ways you could wear to garment. Sometimes you let something waste away because it was inexpensive. Or you buy it in impulse and realize the mistake you made later. If you figure out multiple ways to wear it before you buy it, the more likely you are to actually wear it.

    7. Look at the content

    Do a little fabric study. Depending on the weave and what it’s made out of will determine how long it will last. Some materials are more likely to tear or pill easily while other fabrics will last a lot longer than you think. Study up and become a better consumer here.

    8. Remember: Cheap is cheap

    I’m smart about what I pull off the rack at Forever 21. At the end of the day, not matter if it looks good from afar or it’s that piece I’ve been looking for, if it looks or feels cheap, it’s not worth it.

    With these tips you can now be put in the right frame of mind to indulge in your guilty pleasure. Now run along beauties, and when they ask you where that adorable skirt came from, give a sly grin and act like the name slipped your mind. Hopefully if you are smart and savy enough, they’ll never know.


Lindsay Grundy– Fashion Contributor,  Poor Girl’s Guide Chicago
Connect with Lindsay @lindsaygrundy or on her website, lindsaygrundy.com.

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