No Pants Subway Ride….This Is Real Life

No Pants Subway Ride Facebook Event

No Pants Subway Ride Facebook Event

It’s easy to assume that after the past week of literally painful weather the idea of running around Chicago with no pants sounds terrible, but ladies and gentlemen, you can’t avoid it. That’s right, it’s the No Pants Subway Ride this Sunday on January 11th, so get ready to strip down and avoid eye contact. Although not everyone is ready to take the plunge, especially in this weather, it will be quite the event.

The No Pants Subway Ride, originally started in New York by an improv group, has been a tradition for over a decade and has spread all over the globe. The point of the whole experience? Not to raise money or awareness, just to simply have fun by riding the train without pants. While it might cause a stir, luckily it seems that not too many people get offended by seeing some go down to their skivvies.

If the idea of taking off your pants and joining the masses in this chilly weather sounds like a great trip then here’s what you need to know:

  • First, the CTA has been informed about the event. You are legally dressed properly so there’s no need to worry about getting in trouble. Just make sure all of your goods are covered.
  • Riders are expected to meet right before 12 pm at a parking garage at 1210 W. Arthur St. in Rogers Park where participants will be assigned station stops where they will take off their pants.
  • Within half an hour the expected group of 125 to 175 will head to the Loyola Red Line stop where they will ride until their assigned stop, where they are encouraged to then drop trou.

To learn more about the event you can visit the No Pants Subway Ride’s page here. As the organizers have expressed, the goal is to try to act as normal as possible, keeping a straight face during your ride. And the point that cannot be emphasized enough: make sure your private parts are covered. Luckily, the weather is expected to get up to 29 degrees so it will be slightly warmer when you bare it all.

Now the question is, what pair of underwear do you want to show Chicago?

Event is started and organized by Improv Everywhere
Photo Credit taken by Steven Preston


Source: RedEye’s Annual No Pants Subway Ride is Sunday

Image Source: No Pants Subway Ride Facebook Event



Lindsay Grundy– Fashion Contributor,  Poor Girl’s Guide Chicago
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