Making Space For Stuff

I mentioned in my last post that room and space have been a constant struggle in our household recently. To give you a little back story, we sold our condo right before our daughter Lucy was born this past summer. A house we were purchasing fell through and we moved in to an amazingly convenient apartment just down the street. The apartment is really beautiful with a view of the Chicago skyline and the convenience factors can’t be beat. We have an elevator, a heated garage and our daycare is literally on the corner. From a commuting standpoint for me, my office is only a few train stops away so I can be door to door in about 20 minutes.

As a very pregnant person at the time of our move, I was reluctant to believe we could make it work in about 1,000 square feet. As I write this, I know I made a mountain out of a molehill  because we’re 7 months in and we have all survived just fine! Our apartment has a surprising amount of storage and we put anything nonessential in to another storage facility down the street.

Also as I write this, we are under contract on a new home. We’re set to move in May. I’m excited to start making a home for our girls and for our dog to finally have a yard of her own!

Living in the city we’ve always had to be creative with our space and storage. This home will be a huge space upgrade but as it stands, it could definitely use some better organization and use of space. It is still in the city and with two little ones, it’s easy to get every room taken over by toys and baby gadgets.

As a couple we’re actually not terrible at purging and donating. I definitely have a mild hoarding streak but I try to keep it in check. The cozy living arrangement of the past few months has put a lot in perspective for me. I don’t need half the stuff I have, the girls will grow up just as happy without that giant toy and babies grow out of stuff so quickly you have to save your energy for more important things.

I’ll be sharing quite a few posts in the near future on before and afters of various spaces in the home and some things we’re going to attempt to DIY.

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