Space is a common topic in my household these days. It’s a constant shuffle to make space for toys, clothes, giant diaper boxes and everything else little humans require. Then there’s the ongoing battle to make space for the things we need and want to do. Time for work, playing, cleaning, cooking, bathing little bums, working out, bathing ourselves!

I thought this topic would be an appropriate one to open up the new blog as it’s aptly named, The Room For More.

Since becoming a mother, I definitely let myself fall into the trap that I don’t have the room, literally or mentally to write. I’d blog here and there and was lucky enough to be a guest on Windy City Live when my first, Maddie was 8 months old, but I never gave it the same priority I had before becoming pregnant. My previous writings were geared toward events and things to do in Chicago on a budget. As a very sick pregnant person, going out on the town wasn’t exactly on my agenda. With baby number two, I struggled again with the idea of writing about events and places I wasn’t going to anymore.

Finally, as our second, Lucy neared the 6-month mark, I redefined how I was going about the concept of writing. What I was writing about and when could be different. I’m not the same person I was before and I should stop trying so hard to over think it! So as I write this today, I’m writing about my life as it is – a working parent of two, a wife, a dog mother to my firstborn, a graphic designer and thankfully, a writer once more!

Much due to the nudging from my husband, that I have more time than I think I do. I eventually believed him and started paying more attention to time, space and the room I have in my own life. For me, there’s time to write while on the train, after the girls go to sleep before the girls wake up (which seems to only be getting earlier BTW) and as a nursing mother of a 6-month-old, during the countless hours pumping!

I’ve realized there’s ALWAYS space for what you want to do and there’s ALWAYS ROOM FOR MORE.

I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures again and dusting off the old writing cap. It’s good to be back.