Peep Cake Pop Recipe

Peep Cake Pop - Poor Girl's Guide Chicago

Peep Cake Pop – Poor Girl’s Guide Chicago

As part of our DIY Holiday + Party Kit series, we’re giving you some of our favorite (and cheap) ideas for Easter. Try these adorable “Hatching Chick” Peep Cake Pops this Easter.

Ingredients *Makes 24 cake pops

  • 1 Box Cake Mix (Your choice)
  • 1 Can Frosting (Your choice )
  • 2 boxes of white chocolate chips
  • 24 Cake pop sticks
  • 24 Peeps
  • Styrofoam block
  • Clear treat bags (if desired)


  • Bake cake as instructed
  • Let cake cool
  • Crumble cake as small as possible in large bowl
  • Mix in frosting by hand slowly
  • Shape cake in to small ball/egg shapes, use an mini ice cream scoop if you have one
  • Roll the balls on to a plate covered in wax paper
  • Melt half the chocolate as instructed (double boil or microwave)
  • Dip half the ball in chocolate and place back on the plate with wax paper
  • Put them in the freezer for about 20 minutes
  • While pops are in the freezer, cut the faces off the peeps and set aside
  • Melt the remaining chocolate and place small amounts at a time in cup
  • Remove cake balls from freezer, place a stick in each
  • Dip cake balls carefully in to the cup of chocolate so they are fully covered
  • Let the excess chocolate drip off
  • Take the peep and place it on the front of the cake pop, push it lightly so it sticks
  • Place cake pops in the styrofoam block and put them in the freezer
  • Serve them as is or individually wrapped in clear baggies or treat bags

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Green Punch Recipes (Alcoholic)

St. Patrick's Day Punch (

St. Patrick’s Day Punch (

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hosting a party? We’ve got your green punch recipes covered! As part of our DIY Holiday + Party Kit series, we’re giving you our favorite St. Paddy’s Day punch recipes. 

Choose your liquor – champagne, vodka or whiskey – and check out the recipes below!

Green Champagne Punch:


  • 2 (1/4 ounce) packages lemon-lime Kool-Aid (powdered mix)
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 (46 ounce) can or jug of pineapple juice
  • 1 quart of cold water
  • 1 (2 liter) bottles ginger ale
  • 2 Bottles of champagne


  1. Chill liquid ingredients
  2. In a large punch bowl, mix the drink mix, sugar, pineapple juice and water (this makes A LOT of punch, depending on your punch bowl you can also split the batch and refill as needed)
  3. Add ginger ale and champagne

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Corned Beef & Cabbage Recipe

Corned Beef And Cabbage Recipe (

Corned Beef And Cabbage Recipe (

As part of our DIY Holiday + Party Kit series, we’re giving you our favorite recipe for corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots.

Corned Beef & Cabbage Recipe (

Corned Beef & Cabbage Recipe (


(These portions make 5 servings)

  • 3 pounds corned beef brisket with spice packet
  • 3 bay leaves
  • 1 teaspoon of black peppercorn
  • 5 tablespoons of spicy mustard
  • 10 small red potatoes
  • 5 carrots, peeled and cut into 3-inch pieces
  • 1 large head cabbage, cut into small wedges I also use a mixture of green and red cabbage for variety) Continue reading

Recipe: Green RumChata Shots

Green St. Patrick's Day Rum Chata (

Green St. Patrick’s Day RumChata (

Well folks, I don’t think this recipe can get an easier! As part of our DIY Holiday + Party Kit series, we’re giving you some of our favorite (easy and cheap) ideas for St. Patrick’s Day. This is a super quick way to add a little St. Paddy to your party.


  • 1/2 bottle of green food coloring
  • 1 750 ml bottle of RumChata


  1. Pour half a bottle of green good coloring in to the RumChata bottle
  2. Close the lid tight and give it a shake (use more or less for the color green you desire)
  3. Chill, serve and enjoy!


This article is part of The D.I.Y. Holiday + Party Kit Series:


Chocolate Covered Pretzels With Blue/Red Sprinkles

Cheap and Easy 4th Of July Dessert Recipes

Need to whip up a festive 4th of July dessert in a jiffy? Never fear! Poor Girl is here!

Here are some quick dessert ideas inspired by Martha Stewart (who else?) to get your guests in the patriotic spirit. And don’t worry, these desserts are truly ‘quick and easy’,  we’ve put a Poor Girl twist on the recipes to make sure they’re cheap, quick and no fuss!  You won’t find a cake in the likeness of Uncle Sam on this list!

Martha Stewart / Red Velvet Cupcakes with American Flags

Photo from Martha Stewart

Red Velvet Cupcakes with American Flags

With a box of Duncan Hines cake mix, cream cheese frosting and $1 store American flag toothpicks, you can create festive cupcakes in no time! Sorry Martha, we’re using the box!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels With Blue/Red Sprinkles

Photo from Martha Stewart

Chocolate Covered Pretzels With Blue/Red Sprinkles

How cute are these? Give your chocolate covered pretzels some 4th of July spirit with blue and red sprinkles. Placing them in a jar or wine glass can also help add to your table decor! Everyone loves an edible centerpiece.

Mixed Red & Blue Berry Bowl

Martha Stewart / Mixed Red & Blue Berry Bowl

Photo from Martha Stewart

Can it get any easier? No cooking, no chopping = quick festive fruit salad. Using only red and blue berries (blue berries, raspberries, strawberries…you get the hint) this fruit bowl is good for your waistline and your color theme!



4th of July Punch - Cranberry punch with blueberries

4th Of July Punch

Need a 4th of July punch? Check out this recipe for cranberry punch with blueberries!

See recipe >>>