Update Your Living Room on a Budget

Lucas Allen

Lucas Allen

By: Emma Gardiner

Aside from your bedroom, your living room is probably the place in your house that you spend the most time. Whether it’s watching a movie on your sofa or eating lunch, the chances are you’ve spent some time in your living room today. If you’re sick of your space, it can really put a dampener on the precious moments of leisure time you get to spend in it. However a full room redesign can take time and cost money that most of us simply don’t have. That doesn’t mean you can’t give your space a home make over though! Here are a few simple hints and tips for giving your living room an update on a small budget:

Shed a Little Light                        

It’s important to get the right lighting in your home, particularly in your living room. This doesn’t have to be expensive (it can be as simple as moving around a few lamps) but you’ll be amazed at what difference the right lighting can have to your space. Place a floor lamp next to your sofa, creating a snug space to read or work on your laptop. Choose a light bulb with a lower wattage for your main ceiling lamp, so that the light it emits is softer and more muted. These simple changes will make your living room look like it’s had an expensive make over: and they’ll only take a few minutes to do too!

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